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Rosemarie, an alien princess from the planet Nimola seeks genocide on the evil monsters who killed her mother and people. Can you find and kill all 28 threats?

This software is meant for colour compatible Game Boy systems. For the best experience on emulator, please enable accurate colour correction in your emulator. BGB emulator or Same Boy emulator are recommended. Long live the Game Boy!

A demo for the game is available free for download.

The Soundtrack for Repugnant Bounty is available here. https://skittlesfiddles.itch.io/repugnant-bounty-soundtrack


Repugnant Bounty Discord

If you would like to try a previous version of Repugnant Bounty, please contact skittles666 on Discord. You must provide proof of purchase. Previous versions are "REV C" "REV B" "REV A" and the original release.



Buy Now$15.00 CAD or more

In order to download this very cool vidjyagaem you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $15 CAD. You will get access to the following files:

Repugnant Bounty [REV C.1].gbc 4 MB
Repugnant Bounty.pocket 4 MB
RepBounty 3DS.zip 5.7 MB

Download demo

Repugnant Bounty Manual 64 MB

Development log


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Hi there! Are you fully aware that somebody uploaded your game on the internet for free? I can send you the link if you want, so you can take it down.


nah i know about it. doesnt bother me much


Mad respect

Honestly, at first, I thought this game had some issues because the first section was hard to see without the backlight on the GBC (dark colors), and you could only hear thunder sounds and some kind of noise. But when the "lights turned on," everything became bright, colorful, and had awesome music! This is by far the best and longest homebrew GBC game I've ever played. The art is so cute, lovely, and cool. The soundtrack of the cold area is my favorite banger :D What a pity that the cartridges are sold out!

Was this game ever finished? There seems to be no sound and the enemies don't respond to death, other than disappearing. (If not, Kinda feel screwed over I paid 12€ for this...)

the game is finished, so im sorry to hear you didnt enjoy it. it's my first game and had no budget so forgive me if it didnt quite live up to the expectations you may have had. my next game will be a lot more polished, so i hope you will give that one a chance when it comes out.

Oh sorry, for a first game it's actually really good! 

I guess I was expecting more polish (not knowing it was your first game) because some basic things were missing: sounds and death animations. 

I'll manage my expectations and try playing it again 🙂


Is it not supposed to make a sound when you do most things, like use your weapon or jump? It feels strange not to get audio cues for things.

the game was developed primarily during a time when gb studio was suuuper limited. the sound effects in the game were only added in the last few weeks of development due to them just being possible to add at that point. if i ever make a DX version of the game, these are some of the things i would be tackling lol


okay thanks! I thought maybe mine was glitching out, haha.

Show post...



Any chance of getting the soundtrack link working again? I'd love to listen to it. outside of the game

i'd love to but i can't at the moment. hopefully soon!

thank you! 

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I'm happy at how much this game has changed.. I can't wait to see this finished.

- The dev known as "Minus" from your server

it is finished lolol




I am greatly anticipating the DMG version, Can't wait to try it!

glad to hear it :)

did the DMG version ever come out?

no, i never finished it. it's technically playable, but not to the level i'd release it officially. if you dm me on discord with a reciept of purchase ill send you it though

You "person" are a god.

This game is phenominal...  and I can tell you put so much dedication in it. By any chance did it start as the soundtrack in LSDJ? or Nanoloop? The noise manipulation in some of the songs is pro.

Cheers on a great game. It's like Undertale and Metroid had a bastard child and it's wonderful.

thanks XD

the music was made by my friend. through development the music was prototyped on famitracker, milkytracker, and furnace. the final songs all use hUGE tracker.

I just bought this game! Seems to be working on the pocket through the GBC player, but the .pocket version says there is a problem with not working on color systems.

uhhhhhh crap ok

im not sure how to fix that as i dont have a pocket myself. is there an option to boot a game in dmg or color mode or something?

Use the color rom instead. it should work.

Ummmmm. Maybe because it's the monochrome rom and that's not meant for color? :/ Bruh.

did i use the dmg version??? its not even finished yet


Nevermind, i just realised .gbc games can also use the extension .gb but normally I see monochrome games use .gb

Hey any plans for another revision with fixes? I think my only real gripe with this game is that you pass "over" bubble doorway passages instead of under. There are many mask bg layers, just wondering why this isn't one of them. 

More parallax areas would be nice too (there's only one (or two?) but that's not major.

the final revision of the game is C.1.

a single version modified for the original gameboy will be based on C.1's code


Just ordered the physical from LRG. I was watching some gameplay though from a few months prior to the latest C.1 update. Enemies just disappeared when killed with no real feedback. Looked really jarring and weird. Was this something that was addressed and improved in the last update?

if it was the cats in the snowy area, they explode after a set time.

Will there be another revision? Because the worms still just dissapear. Btw I completed the game already in under 5 hours. Loved it. Is there a different ending a la Super Metroid for beating the game faster? :)


Can't wait to play this on my GBC! (and Analogue Pocket) Yes, I've preordered. ✌️

Thanks for keeping these types of games (retro/GB(C)-style/exploratory) alive -- they're the best kind, in my opinion. 

thanks :D   i hope you enjoy the game

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Excuse me, I’m trying to buy this game, but for some weird reason, it doesn’t have an option to buy this with card. What should I do?

And I’m not Canadian by the way.

currently the only way to buy it is through paypal. i'm working on a steam version too.


Loved the game but not for the faint of heart! Keep your eyes peeled for my review on the New Game Old Flame podcast!


Great job!!!! The art style and atmosphere sold me right away on this game. 

Looking forward to your future releases :)


thanks :D glad you liked it


Downloaded. Thank you for making this. I haven't played it yet but clearly it's been made with a ton of effort and quality craftsmanship. I look forward to purchasing any future projects.

does it have super gameboy support?

no :(

I'm loving the game so far - but I encountered a pretty weird bug where one of the Boss Monsters in Treton respawns immediately after being killed (either by leaving + returning, or by opening the menu)

Initially I thought it was related to savestates, but after clearing my save data & playing through the game back to that point without them, it still happened to me :/

Obviously killing them again would probably mess things up further, so I won't – but do you think this will impact the game further down the line

Either way, great game!

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why does this happen to meeeee

what version of the game is it

The most recent one (Revision C)

It should also be noted none of the bosses before or after have had this problem + the monster count still goes down, so hopefully my playthrough will be be fine!

But i'll let you know if there are any other instances of this happening


thanks :)


Just finished the game with zero other problems :D

I had an incredible time – you all did an great job w/the gameplay, graphics + music & I'm amazed at how atmospheric the game was! I don't normally like Metroidvanias that hold off on giving you a map, but all the areas are *so* memorable they made me want to poke around every corner!

Still kind of reeling from the ending though 😭


thanks :D i appreciate you following up on that bug. it has been fixed!

and im glad that you enjoyed the game :)

hopefully you'll enjoy the next game too :0


Hello! I just bought this game and soundtrack. I'm having a very good time playing this on my Analogue Pocket. Thank you for making this great game!

glad you're enjoying it :D

Hello, how can I contact you formally for business? I am a native Spanish translator and I would like to offer you my services.

sorry, i don't need a spanish translator :) thank you though

i have a few friends who speak different languages so i'm all covered with that


Love the game, would do anything to buy a physical release haha!




Just saw this on RetroBreak while looking for something to play on my new Analogue Pocket. I'll echo what other said here, a .pocket release (or maybe even a physical release) would be much appriciated. 

before i release it on pocket i need to test it. i don't have a pocket though


I wouldn't mind testing for you (patching gb to .pocket is now sort of automatized I think, still tubule could play the rob on his pocket with the gb open fuga core..


Doesn't the .gb file work nicely on Pocket? I'll rename it to gbc and check.

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Yeah, the .gb demo file (renamed to .gbc) works perfectly on the Pocket. Playing it now. Great atmospere!

thanks :D


Is there an idiot's guide to Everdrive? This game is so gorgeous, I need to see it on my GBC instead of a computer monitor, but have no clue how to do it.

if it's an everdrive you have, just copy pasting it to the sd should work


Assuming you have the necessary system files on the cart card it should work fine. You can get them from the website.


I use one as well




It looks like the game has digitized realistic sound effects as well.

all synth, baby >:)


I know that's why I say realistic sounding. Like in Pokemon pinball. PIKA!!!!


Is there a chance of a .pocket version?


i'm having someone go through the game to make sure it works on pocket. once i know for sure, i'll add it to the download list for people who have already bought the game :)


Great. Because I really wanna play on my DMG so I can have fat-BASS


Very very happy that I can finally play :D


Downloaded!  Will be one of the first games played on my new Analogue Pocket!

What’s the best way to play this on pocket? Just got mine and was hoping to play there.


There are two main options right now:

1.   Download the OpenFPGA core that lets you play GB games, and then put the ROM on the SD card with the core.  Google a program called Pocket Updater to make the setup easy.

2.  Use an Everdrive or similar flash cart if you have one.

Either will work, but for now method #2 has the advantage because you can make use of display settings that are unavailable in the core (will be coming in the future).


Ah, i see. Yeah, I loaded it on the gb core, but wasn’t getting the color I see in the screenshots for the game. I guess that’s why. Was surprised there wasn’t a .pocket version or .gbc version of the game.

I haven't tried it yet, but isn't there a separate GBC core?  Maybe try it in that?  I believe there's a core setting to force GBC mode as well.

There is a gbc core, but the game only comes in .gb. Will need to look into forcing gbc mode maybe.

there will be a pocket release but i have to test to make sure its working first. i dont have a pocket so i'm having someone else do it. once i know its working properly i'll add it to the downloadable files :)


Looks great ! Don't hesitate to show me some capture on tweeter :D


well, now, this is epic


big ups, pimp